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FreeVolt’s Solar Panel Services Maximize Your System’s Efficiency, Covering Your System for All 30 Years of Its Life

FreeVolt manufactures, installs, and maintains your solar panel installation until it needs recycling at the end of its life (in 30 years or more). Learn more about each of our services and how they’re customized to meet your specific needs:

Home Solar Systems Cut Your Energy Bills to Near-Zero

Freevolt produces affordable solar panels with high efficiency (at least 98% for a decade) and the industry’s leading warranty (30 years). Yes, you can afford our panels because you don’t pay anything down and financing is available, while the federal tax credit remains high (30% through 2019 and 26% through 2020).

Learn how FreeVolt’s solar panel installation reduces your electric bill to near-zero at a cost you can afford.

Business Solar Systems Slash Your Overhead

Solar panels reduce your overhead, and you can also make raving fans out of your customers by advertising how green you are with your new solar panel installation. You can also get zero down, 100% financing and you can write off the cost of your installation as it depreciates.

Learn more about FreeVolt’s solar panel installations and the many ways one saves your company more money.

Maintenance – Almost None Required!

Solar panels require only minimal maintenance to continually operate at their peak efficiency so you get maximum energy cost savings. Freevolt inspects, monitors, and cleans your system so you score the savings you want. You’ll learn about any threats to your system and its efficiency, and you can also feel protected because of the 30-year manufacturing warranty that protects you.

Learn more about FreeVolt’s solar panel system maintenance.

Energy Storage Increases Your Savings Even More

Energy storage systems let you store energy from your solar panel system so you can use that during times of high demand and cost from grid-based electricity. This also means your solar panel system serves as a backup if you ever experience a power outage. FreeVolt recommends LG Chem and PIka energy storage systems, depending on your needs.

Learn if an energy storage system makes sense for you and which one to choose.

Take Control of your Electricity
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Now is the time to gain freedom from your utility and receive predictable rates for years to come. There’s a reason solar energy companies are so hot right now. Imagine locking in low electricity rates. Sounds pretty great, right? No wonder every six minutes someone installs a PV SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM. That means hundreds of thousands of happy customers benefiting from clean energy and lifetime support. Together, we’re creating a planet run by the sun. Now’s the time to go solar!

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