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LG Chem and Pika Energy Storage

Become Energy Independent and Forget about Your REP

Energy storage systems keep your energy so you can use it at times when electricity prices run high, or if you suddenly lose power. You can be completely independent from the grid, and dramatically reduce your electricity costs so you never have any surprises on your electricity bill.

Never Waste Energy Again

With an energy storage system, you’ll never waste energy ever again. Gather solar energy from the sun during times of highest productivity, while saving it for times of high demand so you don’t pay high prices to your REP. And always have backup electricity available, just in case there’s a power outage.

LG Chem Energy Storage Systems

LG Chem storage batteries are one of our two favorite methods of storing solar energy your system collects. That’s because they have a reliable 10-year warranty and store enough electricity to power your home for several hours during the day. LG Chem batteries are also small and light. And they can last up to 16 years. Learn More about LG Chem Batteries.

Pika Energy Storage Systems

Pika offers perhaps the most powerful and flexible battery available. Pika batteries help you save money and can even restart by only using solar power without any help from the grid (which other batteries can’t do). It also has a higher storage capacity, which allows you to power your home with electricity from your solar system 24/7. Learn More about Pika Energy Storage Systems.

Take Control of your Electricity
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Now is the time to gain freedom from your utility and receive predictable rates for years to come. There’s a reason solar energy companies are so hot right now. Imagine locking in low electricity rates. Sounds pretty great, right? No wonder every six minutes someone installs a PV SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM. That means hundreds of thousands of happy customers benefiting from clean energy and lifetime support. Together, we’re creating a planet run by the sun. Now’s the time to go solar!

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